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An employee wellness program that is convenient, consistent, and results driven.


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Why Wellness Matters

Disease, illness, and suboptimal health in employees is costing organizations between 18 to 24% of their annual gross payroll. That’s the equivalent of paying the average Canadian employee earning $55,000 per year $11,000 to be unproductive.


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Every three months we are visiting employees to screen, assess and deliver results on-site in less than 15 minutes. Our team is here for your team so employees and their families can access our programs, resources, and team members conveniently through our app, anytime.

Health Screening

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About Roseto

What We've Done, And Where We're Going.

  • 2017 - Ideation

    In the Summer of 2017, Alyssa began the ideation process of Roseto Health Innovations with a few trusted advisors whom became formally involved with the company. In the late fall Alyssa and her team successfully engaged friends and family in Roseto’s first capital raise and Roseto incorporated in December of 2017.

  • 2018 - Development & Pilot

    With the help of Fresh Angles inc., and Retrio, Alyssa and her team developed a minimal viable product that was piloted during the Winter and early Spring of 2018 by co-founder Dr. Murray Heber and six patients in his clinical practice. In the Spring of 2018 Roseto put its sales strategy into action and quickly learned that although patients valued the product, health practitioners and clinic owners were not the early adopting customer segment Roseto had expected. The remainder of 2018 was spent refocusing the organization in preparation for a target market shift, and finding new opportunities to continue to test and grow Roseto’s vision.

  • 2019 - Market Fit Assessment

    By 2019 Roseto’s network had grown significantly. With help from TEC Edmonton, Roseto formed relationships with UofC, Mitacs, W21C, and District Ventures. A formal Board of Advisors was established, and Roseto joined the 5th District Ventures-IBM Cohort in the Spring. Throughout the Summer and Fall Roseto’s founders and network began to research and assess the health care market in search for an early adopting customer segment. By the end of the cohort Roseto had developed a new go-to-market strategy focusing on the corporate wellness customer segment. They are currently executing their initial sales strategy to secure their first corporate wellness customer.

  • 2020 -Early Assessment, Research & Development and Sales

    Roseto will offer their first customer the opportunity to participate in a one year randomized control trial with 1500 of their employees for free. The findings from this research initiative will directly impact the future design of the Roseto corporate wellness program and the application itself. This unique opportunity will allow the first customer to be directly involved in the next product development stage and build a solution that fits their exact employee wellness needs.

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Our Founders

Dr. Murray and Alyssa Heber have devoted their careers to improving the health, performance, and lives of Canadians.

Alyssa Heber


Dr. Murray Heber


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